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4 Star USA intends to launch its pilot campaign of two casing crews along with supporting services including Torque Monitoring, CRT rental, Thread Rep. Connection Inspection and Thread Wash/Drift /Tally Service, August 1st 2019. Our base of operations will be Odessa TX. Our mandate for 4 Star USA is to utilize the best people in the industry matched up with the best equipment available to deliver a superior and consistent casing running and Pressure Testing service. We have sourced out light weight, high torque power tongs with capabilities of up to 75000 ft/lb, locally built in Odessa Tx, flush mount spiders with torque hold back capacities up to 45000 ft/lbs, and the latest version of torque monitoring systems from Mccoy global MTT. Our Pressure testing units provide digital reports that can be emailed or printed.

The following is a summary of our services:

CRT rentals
  • Internal tools 13-5/8 to 7 Inch 320 ton, 5-1/2, 200 ton, 4-1/2, 120 ton
  • External tools 5-1/2 500 ton
  • 6 ft bale extensions for internal tool
  • 10 ft bale extensions for external tool
  • CRT technician

Casing Crews
Our casing crews consist of 4 to 6 crew members. We provide hydraulic power tongs and personnel to torque up the casing along with all handing equipment to run casing sizes from 13-5/8- 2-3/8.

Power Tong Capabilities and Sizes

Power Tong Range Max Torque
13-5/8 US Power Tong 13-5/8 to 4-1/2 55000 ft/lb
9-7/8 US Power Tong 9-7/8 to 4-1/2 75000 ft/lb
6 1/8 US Power tong 6 to 2-3/8 40000 ft/lb

Torque Monitoring Systems
Premium thread connections require monitoring to ensure proper make up. Our service provides equipment and personnel to monitor thread make up. 4 Star USA uses Mccoy torque turn systems, MTT, for our torque monitoring service. MTT is the upgraded Win Catt system. New features include wireless monitoring consol. Remote viewing feature that allows company man or oil representative off site to log in and view casing make up in real time. Dual processor that doubles the pulses from the turn counter for more accurate turn counting. All crew members on the rig floor will have training in both torque turns and thread rep. training.

Flush Mount Spiders
Our flush mount spider eliminates false floors, back up tongs and a good portion of the manual labour on the rig floor. This allows for fewer but more qualified crew members on the rig floor, leading to a safer and more efficient casing run. Our FMS have a range from 13-5/8 to 2-3/8 are rated to 500 ton and can hold back 45,000 ft/lbs of torque.

Clean/Drift/Tally Service
Premium casing needs to be prepped before running into the hole. This includes washing the threads, drifting the casing to confirm ID and tally the lengths and total number of casing on location. Our self-contained washing unit is equipment with a vacuum recovery system to recover contaminated water and product washed from threads reducing the environmental impact. We use Digi-Tally for our tallying functions.
Power Tongs and Pressure Testing
Equipment Certifications


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